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A Letter To Mr. President Donald Trump Concerning Vaping

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A Letter To Mr. President Donald Trump Concerning Vaping Empty A Letter To Mr. President Donald Trump Concerning Vaping

Post by James Allan on Tue Sep 10, 2019 2:21 pm

A Letter To Mr. President Donald Trump Concerning Vaping 96de0c15b83bf31bd0494f7f4e2f611d

Despite the recent roadblocks by the FDA and government to decimate the vaping industry, the industry is growing at a rapid pace. From just a $20 million industry in 2008 to a $2 billion industry in 2016. It’s expected to hit $10 billion by the end of 2017.

A Hobby Article Written By James Allan | 9-9-2019

Hello Mr. President,

Of course I hope this letter reaches you Mr. President Donald Trump though word of mouth or stumble upon in your busy days. It's kinda fun writing to you Mr. President even if you don't get the message leaving me to my pretend world Smile

I would like to talk to you about the vaping problems going on in the United States since I too vape. I quit smoking when I took up vaping although I had started off with the patch that did help to some extent. People like to puff because it's relaxing and tobacco users never start smoking because of a nicotine addiction. Tobacco users always become addicted long after they start but they get started because they try puffing and it's relaxing.

There's a big push by the medical professionals on Fox News and I don't discount what they are claiming about vaping but they started a whoop arse campaign on vaping before investigating all the product coming in from china. There's NO honesty if you accuse first and investigate second. I understand these doctors values are to keep any kind of lung inhalation products out of the public marketplace but the urge to puff is greater than the medical community opinion. I also agree there are some health risks associated with vaping but over time the vaping industry can eliminate most or all of the health concerns if manufacturing was in the U.S..

I'm really on the edge about how all of a sudden in 2019 all of these lung problems are happening with NO other major lung cases being reported in the past 16 years of vaping? I did research "Popcorn Lung" and no serious past lung issues were ever seen by me. I tried to do an internet search again on lung issues caused by vaping and the internet is flooded with today's 2019 lung problems. I do get some, "Vaping Can Cause This Or That" but no factual medical issues that have happened.

The "Popcorn Lung" scare was proven phony and false just to steer people away from vaping. I don't think the lung issues occurring at this time are engineered but I am under the impression after 16 years of NO lung problems with vaping that some "Really Bad" vape juice was off loaded onto U.S. shores and has made it's way into our marketplace giving the "Anti Vape Squads" an opportunity to amplify there anti vaping rhetoric using real victims. Teenagers not having much money to spend and spending the little money they do have on "Cheap Contaminated Vape Juice Dumped In The U.S. From China" is an extremely high probability.

Vaping entered the marketplace in 2003 and started to really take off in 2014 under obama's presidency. Hollywood stars are notorious vapers whom fueled the surge in teen vaping. In 2016, the democrats promoted vaping to teens at the Golden Globe awards honoring democrats:

Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Share a Vape Pen at Golden Globes

There has NEVER been any serious reported medical issues with vaping until now in 2019 which says some bad "Bath Tub" produced vaping juice made it into the U.S. marketplace and most likely from china.

All vaping hardware and batteries are "Made In china". Most vape juice is made in china but a good portion of vape juice is now, "Made In The U.S.A.". The vaping hardware and vape juice coming into the United States out of china most likely is contaminated to some extent and 100% of chinese made vape juice and products need to be evaluated before condemning the vaping wants of many U.S. Citizens.

Also Read: Before Attacking E-Cigarettes For Medical Issues Please Look At Chinese Manufacturing As The Culprit

The link to the article below reflects the amount of bacteria found in 3/4 of vape juice which is indeed coming out of china. 1/4 of vape juice is clean which is the vape juice, "Made In The U.S.A.". Many studies are being done also on the vaping hardware because the wicks that suck up and deliver the juice to the ignition coil are a major culprit for and is being looked at as the cause of the bacteria.

After my minor research into this matter I am under the thought that bad metals used in the chinese production of the hardware is producing minor toxins and the vape juice coming out of china is produced in unclean factories. All U.S. made vape juice which I only use is produced in F.D.A. clean laboratories as they are referred to in many articles.

Dozens Of Popular E-Cigarettes Contaminated With Microbial And Fungal Toxins

I heard in the news you Mr. President were looking into this vaping problem which is serious when medical issues start to occur. As I stated earlier Dr.s are pushing the issue to you Mr. President wanting vaping banned but I have to tell you if you did start to push for a ban on vaping you would be committing "Political Suicide".

These Dr.s I've been listening to on Fox I expect are "Republicans" so I'm wondering why they are hell bent to destroy the "Republican" party and let the communist democrats take over the U.S. again. More "libertarian rinos"? I just wonder? I know these Dr.s are concerned about medical epidemics like what tobacco use has created but if they could see beyond their nose, "Vaping Will Eventually Kill And End Tobacco Use Forever" in the United States at the least. I'd think our doctors would be happy with this but I guess they want tobacco use to continue or they are unaware that they are supporting continued tobacco use.

Mr. President, "Donald Trump", if your going to do anything concerning vaping there's only a couple of things you can do safely that will NOT hurt the Republican Party and your presidency.

1. Increase the tariffs on vaping products and force the production of vaping hardware which is ALL made in china to the United States where it can be put under U.S. health and safety regulations. Tell U.S. Citizens like you told the farmers that you are forcing production of vaping products into the U.S. where they can be monitored for safety concerns. U.S. vaping companies contract with chinese companies to produce our vaping hardware and even though U.S. companies lay down strict production standards to the chinese, the chinese don't care because U.S. vape companies have no other place to go.

2. Ban ALL nicotine containing vape juice which will stop any teen addictions. All vape juice manufacturers in the U.S. will only be able to produce " 0 " zero nicotine vape juice. All vape juice coming from china will be tarriffed and taxed to no end which will force U.S. vape consumers to buy the safe U.S. made vape juice. Look into each of the flavorings and test each one to see if the manufacturing process for each flavor produces a safe product. Let the safe flavoring production methods be produced and the toxic flavoring production methods be banned.

Show the U.S. vaping communities the Republican Party cares about their health and safety without wanting to take away a pleasure that they have come to enjoy. Vaping entered the marketplace in 2003 and started to really take off in 2014 under obama's presidency. There has NEVER been any serious reported medical issues with vaping until now in 2019 which says some bad "Bath Tub" produced vaping juice made it into the U.S. marketplace most likely from china.

You and the Republican Party Mr. President cannot do much more to vaping without committing political suicide. You can spout off about health and safety concerns to no end as to the reasons why ending vaping is the thing to do but it will not stop the avalanche of negative votes against you and the Republican Party in 2020. The democrat party taxes the hell out of tobacco and gets away with it so let them take up the issue of ending vaping in the U.S. and I assure you they won't touch the issue.
James Allan
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