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Donald Trump Shapes U.S. Policy Before He Gets The Nomination For President

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Donald Trump Shapes U.S. Policy Before He Gets The Nomination For President Empty Donald Trump Shapes U.S. Policy Before He Gets The Nomination For President

Post by James Allan on Fri Oct 28, 2016 11:05 am

Donald Trump Shapes U.S. Policy Before He Gets The Nomination For President Donald%252520Trump%252520President%252520At%252520White%252520House%252520Desk

James Allan | 12-21-2015

Never before has a presidential candidate ever been able to shape and put into play domestic and foreign policy while running for elected office in the primary election. Donald Trump hasn't even been elected as the republican nominee for president of the U.S. and his stances are issues are being executed by domestic and foreign entities because his stances are logical, realistic and correct.

What's not funny or "Funny" as in the way things work out is the latest polls show Hillary Clinton beating Donald Trump and in speculation this may be due to Donald Trumps successes before he's even been elected and his successes are being claimed by the democrats who have completely failed but tell voters Donald Trumps successes are their own. People are getting under the impression that all the successes so far Donald Trump created belong to the democrats. This without a doubt has to be corrected.

All the republican presidential candidates that are losing to Donald Trump in the republican primary haven't and can't make any national movement happen let alone "Tie Their Own Shoes". Hell, 20% of the democratic party is supporting Trump and the rest of the republican presidential candidates can't even figure out why they are not even coming close to challenging Donald Trump. Do we really want a republican president that can't "Figure Out A Simple Thing As To Why Donald Trump Is Winning?" 

All the below successes and/or movements are attributed to Donald Trump before he's even the republican nominee:

* Non Islamic muslims have formed opposition groups within the U.S. that fight tooth and nail to rid the muslim faith of Islamic sharia law and all the laws religious muslims have to abide by under sharia law including, "Men Being Allowed To Rape Women", "Women Having To Cover Themselves In Blankets", "Women Not Being Able To Drive", "Women Only Being Able To Walk In Public With A Male Relative", etc.............. plus hundreds of other sharia laws that islam has created to keep populations of people enslaved. All this muslim change was driven by Donald Trump. 

* A coalition of muslim countries have banded together to fight ISIS now because of Donald Trump. What's happening is the communist democrats are trying to turn this banning together of muslim countries brought about by Donald Trumps stances on issues into their own failed attempt to get muslim countries to ban together. The anti ISIS muslim countries only announced their banning together after Donald Trump stated he was going to ban the travel of muslims into the U.S.. After the anti ISIS muslim countries heard this they got together "Fast".

* Obama got John Kerry to hurry is arse over to Syria as fast as an airplane could fly to come to an agreement with the Russians about holding new elections to replace the Syria president in a new election to suit the wants of the Russians after Vladimir Putin announced in public that he himself would support Donald Trump and exchanged pleasantries with Donald Trump. Again the communist democrats and Obama are trying to make this their own but it just shows how defunct our democratic government is by trying to grab someone else's success to make it their own.

* Donald Trump's voice is much larger than all the democratic communist and libertarian business communists combined and has moved the immigration issue for the "Tea Party" to a new height that drowns out all the pro immigration voices. People that were under the communist democrat and business communist libertarian spell of massive immigration being good for the economy now are becoming aware because of Donald Trump that this massive ongoing immigration is the reason why they are struggling also and paying more to get what they need to be happy and content. People that are under the communist democrat and business communist libertarian spell of massive immigration is good are also finding out all this massive legal and illegal immigration is killing U.S. citizens in larger numbers than they could ever imagine. 

Donald Trump may be somewhat voiceterous about himself but as long as Donald Trump uses his magic in favor of U.S. citizens being able to gain wealth and take care of themselves in a free economy that's for, "U.S. Citizens" over immigrants and business I myself am "All In For Trump". I myself could absolutely "Care Less" if Donald Trump brags himself up because he's actually got the intellect, insite and common sense to develop the magic U.S. citizens need to skate themselves into economic prosperity. If all Donald Trump wants to do is to "Spin Himself Up Into Greatness So He Can Brag About His Accomplishments" then I do not have a problem with that because in order to do that for himself he will have to, "Get U.S. Citizens Extremely Happy And Dancing In The Streets Over Great Financial Times For U.S. Citizens" by removing all the immigrants that are a boat anchor on peoples job opportunities and incomes. 

In closing Donald Trump in his 4th month of campaigning in the republican primary has already started the momentum to move the U.S. away from the communist and business communist way and into a way of life that, "Puts U.S. Citizens First" over immigrants and business. Donald Trump hasn't even come close yet to becoming the republican nominee for president of the U.S. and his voice on the campaign trail is having a serious reaction as to the way U.S. citizens view the real reality's vs the fake reality being preached to them by our elected officials with an ideology and agenda of their own and the media bosses that have political sides of communism or establishment business. 

People are actually reacting to Donald Trump and following his lead because the truth the Tea Party has been preaching in public for years is being brought to life by Donald Trump who actually has "Inside Access" to the world of lies and deceit in Washington D.C.. The media doesn't even have the inside access Donald Trump has because the media only gets told what the politicians want known unless the media can prove something they won't even air to the public.
James Allan
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