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Donald Trump's Economic Plan Will Suck Wealth Away From The Huge Corporations

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Donald Trump's Economic Plan Will Suck Wealth Away From The Huge Corporations Empty Donald Trump's Economic Plan Will Suck Wealth Away From The Huge Corporations

Post by James Allan on Fri Oct 28, 2016 9:51 am

Donald Trump's Economic Plan Will Suck Wealth Away From The Huge Corporations 006256c08837da820274fb5a859f6023

If you want to see more job opportunities, better pay and job advancement then Donald Trump's economic plan is what you are looking to get installed. Donald Trump's economic plan will suck huge amounts of wealth away from the corporate big wigs that donate to politicians to keep the CEO's and corporations sucking all the money out of the economy and distribute the wealth to millions upon millions of U.S. citizens without any government involvement. The U.S. treasury will be flooded with huge amounts of revenue from all the new wealth being generated from good paying jobs and U.S. citizens stuffing cash in their pockets.

Written By James Allan | 8-14-2016

Donald Trump's economic plan is much better than Hillary Clinton's economic plan that is just a carry over of what Barack Obama has been installing. The democrats are in fact communists that want a government spending economy over a consumer spending economy which in other words, "You Only Spend The Money The Government Lets You Have On What The Government Lets You Purchase". "True"

Donald Trump's economic plan is built for "Small Businesses" to thrive and suck cash away from corporations and redistribute the cash to all small towns and communities. Yes, large businesses will gain in the beginning but after "Millions upon Millions" of small businesses are created the, "Massive Amounts Of Small Businesses Will Suck The Wealth Away From The Larger Businesses". "True". 

With the removal of illegal aliens small business will create millions upon millions of jobs that pay well as the wealth gets sucked off the corporations and international conglomerates. The libertarian republicans support "Large Corporations" and this is why they reject Donald Trumps economic plan and Donald Trump. Donald Trump's economic plan will eventually take the wealth away from the "Huge Corporations" that U.S. citizens hate and libertarian republicans support. If you are for, "Better Jobs, Higher Pay And Starting Your Own Business" then Donald Trumps economic plan is the winner you need to support.

You'll hear a lot about Donald Trump's tax plan that advances the wealth of the wealthy but the 15% business tax rate will allow millions of small businesses to startup and stay in business and as the small businesses accumulate the wealth will be sucked off of corporations and the wealthy until the massive wealth the corporations and wealthy hold isn't there anymore because its been redistributed though small businesses. 

I've been hearing on news broadcasts that the 10 million jobs that will be created under Hillary Clinton's, "Barack Obama Carry Over Economic Plan" are going to be created with or without Hillary Clinton. 10 million jobs isn't crap and will only cover the financial demand of the communist democrats planned immigrant entries into the U.S.. 

Yes, Hillary Clinton is bragging about all the jobs she's going to create but doesn't tell anyone how many jobs are going to be lost as the U.S. economy has been losing millions of jobs in the Barack Obama terms as our president. 

Hillary Clinton is telling everyone how great her democrat economy will be but if you look back at what Barack Obama has created all you do is scratch you head and say, "When's The Great Democrat Economy Going To Happen?". "How Much Longer Do I Have To Wait Until This Great Democrat Economy Starts To Happen?". If your still asking yourself these questions, "The Great Democrat Economy Isn't Going To Happen". If the "Great Democrat Economy" was any good it would cost you less without increasing taxes on, "Anybody Or Anything" instead of more and the U.S. government debt would be going down instead of up as the democrats want to increase government spending even more.  

Many brain dead economists will claim the economy is recovering but remember, "Somebody Pays Their Wages Too" and if the person paying their wages just happen to be democrat clients or bosses the economy will be played as doing better and not painted as the reality economy us U.S. citizens are living in that is dim. Same goes for the global warming topic, "Scientists Being Funded By Democrat Business Will Say When You Fart The Temperature Goes Up 1 degree". 

The reality of the economy is many U.S. based businesses are moving our jobs to foreign countries and businesses that are still manufacturing in the United States are screaming for "Free Trade" only because of the reality that there are "No More Businesses In The United States That Manufacture" that they can make parts and components for. 

An extremely huge part of manufacturing is several businesses manufacturing the parts needed by a single manufacturer that is making the products we purchase. An electronics manufacturer that produces the electronic products we purchase may manufacture the actual electronic components themselves but have another plastic manufacturer produce the plastic body's the electronic components will be installed in. In order for the electronic manufacture to even produce the electronic components to be installed in the plastic body's from another company, another business has to make the parts (diodes, capacitors, micro chips, etc....) to build the electronic components that the electronic manufacturer will use to make the components to be put in the plastic body's. "Roads Don't Create Business But Other Manufacturers That Produce For Another Manufacturer Do".

So hence, businesses still manufacturing in the U.S. need "Free Trade" because they make parts and components for other manufacturers that produce the products we consume and have moved to foreign countries. It's becoming harder and harder to sell manufactured parts to manufacturers that create the products we buy in the U.S. because they have all moved to mexico, china and low wage countries. Eventually the manufacturers of parts that other manufacturers use to make the products we buy will move to foreign countries under democrat rule.

The Hillary Clinton may talk the talk about reversing this but it's just another lie. The communist democrats cannot let U.S. citizens be wealthy because wealthy U.S. citizens will reject the, "Permanent Democrat Ruling Class" of communist Hillary Clinton's "Code Pink" ideology that is a government spending economy. 

The non libertarian republican party economic plan may not be perfect but coupled with the removal of illegal aliens and reduction in the amount of foreigners being able to gain citizenship every year will make the non libertarian republican party economic agenda perfect for anyone that's willing to work. For those who don't want to work there will be more government money for food stamps and rent checks. You'll "NEVER" get a middle class life living off welfare.

So, you think bringing in more foreigners will improve the economy? How's that working out? You can't find a decent job that pays because employers can find an immigrant that will work for less than you think you are worth. Then you say make the government force businesses to pay $15.00 an hour. Well, every time government raises the minimum wage customers get charged more to pay for that and prices go up which means in a few years you will be screaming for another wage increase to $25.00 an hour. 

Let's take a look at reality. If you remove all the illegal aliens that are taking a good part of the jobs in the U.S. businesses would be forced to raise wages naturally without increasing costs to their customers in order to keep people in their businesses to do the work. U.S. citizens would be able to quit one job and get hired into another job that pays better the next day. Housing prices would go down on the same basis of landlords wanting to keep the rental properly filled and earning for them. Consumer prices would fall way down because without the illegal aliens there's no demand to buy their chinese produced crap products. 

If Donald Trump gets elected in November businesses will automatically start getting rid of the illegal aliens themselves without any prodding from government. Businesses will replace the illegal aliens with U.S. citizens and the economy will be in the beginning stages of an economic boom due to U.S. citizens becoming employed again and doing catch up spending. By the time Donald Trump gets sworn in mexican's will be moving back into their own country because no business wants to be stuck replacing illegal aliens with U.S. citizens when the border gets closed and all the U.S. citizen labor gets sucked up leaving businesses that waited to replace the illegal aliens with no U.S. citizen labor. This struggle by business to get labor is what will drive up U.S. citizen wages "Naturally".
James Allan
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