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Picture Of Hillary Clinton Topless With Her Gay Roommate
Bill Clinton The Man With Steel Naked
Political Parties Own Their Own Media Now

Hillary Clinton, "Gay"? Here's The Picture Of Her Topless With Her Gay Roommate

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Hillary Clinton, "Gay"? Here's The Picture Of Her Topless With Her Gay Roommate  Empty Hillary Clinton, "Gay"? Here's The Picture Of Her Topless With Her Gay Roommate

Post by James Allan on Tue Oct 25, 2016 6:15 pm

Hillary Clinton, "Gay"? Here's The Picture Of Her Topless With Her Gay Roommate  Hillary%2BClinton%2B37%2BEleanor%2BAcheson%2BNaked

The picture above is "Not" Photoshopped. It's an actual 1960's era pic enlarged

Hillary Clinton It Appears Has Sexual Desires For Women That Bill Clinton Likes Which Leaves Him Free To Chase Women Of His Liking Freely And Unrestricted

The Above Rare Pic Of Hillary Clinton And Eleanor Acheson Just Became Public Of Them Topless When They Were Roommates At Wellesley College. Eleanor Is 100% Gay. I researched her being gay. Hillary Clinton Has Had A Few Questionable Female Friendships Over The Years. If you look closely you can see Eleanor with her arm on Hillary Clinton's waste and even though you can't see exactly where Hillary Clinton's arm is it appears to be down Eleanor's back.

From "Free Republic: http://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/1122858/posts

From James Allan: http://teapartymainstreet.blogspot.com/2016/10/hillary-clintons-lesbian-wellesley.html

This Lesbian magazine link below even admits Hillary Clinton is gay. The article is about lesbians being treated as, "Man Haters" and how lesbian women of power are always pounced on for being lesbian man haters and making political decisions based on gay politics and not sound proven objectives. The first sentence under the "Globe" magazine pic states she is then goes into the spiel of how powerful lesbian women are called out for being "Man-Haters"..  

From The Lesbian Magazine Curve: http://www.curvemag.com/News/Hillary-Clinton-Is-A-Lesbian-1230/

A Couple That Have Desires Of Control Over Women

James Allan | 5-11-2016

Billary Clinton attacking her husbands abused women was just to keep the public from finding out Billary Clinton liked Monica's figure also and to keep both of their sexual desires and antics under wrap. I would like to find out if Bill was warming Monica up for a "Threesome". The threesome part is just speculation by me because I like to speculate as we are finding out that Billary Clinton is homosexual. Women's rights are important but Billary Clinton's campaign is all about women and nothing else. We now know how deep Billary's feelings go for women.

As to Billary's sexual desires, "Billary Has The Same Sexual Desires As Bill". Not for Bill but for women and control over women as Bill has. With the massive amounts of women Bill was giving pony rides to it would be very hard for me to believe Billary didn't know. Billary knew about Bill giving pony rides which means Bill has the "endless horse" and Billary just had other women. Billary was eating other women as Gennifer Flowers stated Bill Clinton told her in an off statement. Genninfer Flowers was a 10 year lover of Bill Clinton's.

From Western Journalism Article:
Saying she “never considered theirs a traditional marriage,” Flowers explained that Bill Clinton offered a characteristically unrefined critique of his wife’s extramarital exploits.“He said Hillary had eaten more p***y than he had,” she recalled.
According to Flowers, rumors of a romantic relationship between Hillary and Huma Abedin was not surprising. Married to disgraced politician Anthony Weiner, Abedin also stood by her husband throughout a prolonged sex scandal.
Billary's first roommate in college was gay and Bill Clinton knew this too. Damn, Billary supplying Bill with women? Bill Clinton marrying a gay women gave Bill Clinton the freedom to knock on the doors of as many women as he could give pony rides to. "WOW", an marriage without restrictions!

As with some people that make it into command and control over the lives of others it's only expected that these command and control persons on the democratic side would take advantage of interns and newbies that have great expectations of working in a power base, learning the trade then going on to decent earnings in their own lives years later.

Bill and Billary Clinton are such people that would indeed take advantage of the up and coming as they did with Monica and the other women that became a part of Bill Clinton's command and control syndrome over women.

The sexcapades investigation of the Clintons never got to find out if Monica was into encounters with Billary but I can imagine Hillary walking into Bills encounter one fine afternoon and making herself part of the excitement to show Monica what sport sex is all about. This threesome talk is just for fun since Bill And Billary are ruining my fun.

Billary Clinton without a doubt knew about Bill Clinton giving pony rides to other women. You can talk Billary for president as being smart and knowing through experience but Bill Clinton giving pony rides and covering up the pony rides by attacking the women they thought they had under control and saying you were not aware of the behavior is just plain lying.

Do you really want a president that says she doesn't know? Would you like a president that says she didn't know about her husbands antics? If she didn't know about the massive amount of pony rides Bill Clinton was giving do you really think Billary would be able to find out and know about the economy, U.S. security and the direction of the U.S. into the future?

All of Billary Clinton's motives are becoming clear now. Billary Clinton is putting homosexuality on a global scale over the health and welfare of the United States as a whole. Normal heterosexuals are being pushed aside. Both Bill and Billary factor in sex over important economic and global issues in their plans to move the United States to a different place. I have read some posts by people on social media that have stated Billary Clinton wants to open Nevada type, "Bunny Houses" or in the words of, "Hearsay", "Adult Fun Ranches".
James Allan
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