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Donald Trump Fighting For Womens Economic Freedom

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Donald Trump Fighting For Womens Economic Freedom Empty Donald Trump Fighting For Womens Economic Freedom

Post by Donald Trump on Thu May 19, 2016 10:48 am

Donald Trump Fighting For Womens Economic Freedom Donald%2BTrump%2BTank

James Allan | 5-19-2016

Why can't women achieve economic freedom over immigrants? Why is our democratic government bringing in hoards of immigrants that is crushing womens economic freedom then getting in the media and preaching they are for women?

The essence of this dilemma is the democrats are converting the United States to communism and using the problems of women to propel themselves up into a power structure to change the U.S. into the rule of themselves away from U.S. citizens. There's no other explanation!

A government that controls the people instead of a government that works for the people is the democratic plan. Take the problems that keep people struggling economically and make the economic problems of struggling people worse and the struggling people will vote for the promise of a democratic government whom will lessen their problems. The problem is that as the democratic government installs their will they create more struggle and more economic doom that will never turn into prosperity.

We need women with cash to spend and "Not" immigrants. So lets remove immigrants and create more economic opportunity for women to advance their skills in areas men advance their skills. U.S. business have many men leading business that do not belong running anything but in the U.S. if you create a popular product the wealth will go to anyone that produces that popular product. Then these numbnuts migrate to government and really reke havoc on working class U.S. citizens.

Time for a change is correct but the right change that removes the numbnuts and installs leaders of the people and not against the people.
Donald Trump
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