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Donald Trump Wins The First Round, Tea Party Wins Another Of Many Victories

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Donald Trump Wins The First Round, Tea Party Wins Another Of Many Victories  Empty Donald Trump Wins The First Round, Tea Party Wins Another Of Many Victories

Post by James Allan on Thu May 26, 2016 11:50 am

Donald Trump Wins The First Round, Tea Party Wins Another Of Many Victories  Donald%2BTrump%2BWins%2BRepublican%2BNomination%2B1

The First Round Has Been Completed. Now It's Time For Hillary Clinton's Final Downfall

By James Allan | 5-26-2016

Through the blunders of the libertarian establishment GOP and their greed to keep U.S. citizens in the place they have kept them since the start of the GOP and the intelligent maneuvering of Tea Party conservatives the first stage of relieving the pain on U.S. citizens is almost complete.

We do revel in Donald Trumps win and celebrate Donald Trump without a doubt because he speaks for us the non libertarian Tea Party we the Tea Party are motor behind Donald Trump so while we are celebrating Donald Trump we can celebrate ourselves also and I raise my glass of wine to the millions of my buddies women and men that put their voice forth to push Donald Trump into this victory and the next.

The web sites, "Tea Party Patriots", "Freedom Works" and "Tea Party Community" are all libertarian Ted Cruz supporters and absolutely have no claim on Donald Trumps victory. They are claim "Tea Party" status but the truth is they are Ron Paul establishment libertarian infiltrators in the GOP out to steer non libertarian republican conservatives into the business communism that keep the democratic party filled with plenty of indoctrinated voters. 

"It's Hillary Time!". Even though we have been pounding on Hillary Clinton for many years she still has many women, students and black U.S. citizens whom have been kept in the dark for all of their lives with welfare and the lack of education under communist school teachers. Donald Trump needs to do better with these groups of U.S. citizens? More like we have to do better with them also in the way of communicating with them.

Of coarse the non libertarian Tea Party has always been graceful and has welcomed black U.S. citizens and women into our folds if they are willing to leave their indoctrination behind and embrace reality. They are under the impression open borders and the demise of capitalism is the best way but if that happens it will be to late when they without a doubt change their minds when they find out life gets worse under Hillary Clintons and the democratic communism.

This open borders and citizenship for illegal aliens is basically the only wall between non "Tea Partiers" from embracing the Tea Party. Other issues concerning medical care and wages are at the top of their list also. Most of the concerns of the democratic voters are a product of the immigration they are indoctrinated to accept without question. There has been nobody on the republican side to reverse this indoctrination and this of coarse is solely the blame of the libertarian establishment that has infiltrated the republican party on their mission of increasing corporate profits through growth of the U.S. population from massive immigration. Without a doubt the final result of this libertarian push using the republican party as their vehicle has been low wages due to a massive pool of cheap labor that gets welfare and free medical care. We the non libertarian "Tea Party" are getting blamed for an economic environment we did not help create.

I will enter my voice right along with all my buddies whom are entering their voice to get Donald Trump though the final stage so he can occupy the White House and bring economic freedom to all U.S. citizens and "END" the rigged economy that only favors business and communism.
James Allan
James Allan

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