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Megyn Kelly Will Call Donald Trump A Sexual Predator But Not Bill Clinton

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Megyn Kelly Will Call Donald Trump A Sexual Predator But Not Bill Clinton Empty Megyn Kelly Will Call Donald Trump A Sexual Predator But Not Bill Clinton

Post by James Allan on Wed Oct 26, 2016 11:34 am

Megyn Kelly Will Call Donald Trump A Sexual Predator But Not Bill Clinton C8b39a3e050af78215357d7d00b4f320
Newt Gingrich Inflicts More Brain Damage Onto Megyn Kelly

In the above video Newt Gingrich was trying to talk about the overall health and welfare of the United States as a constitutional republic that Hillary Clinton was going to destroy and Megyn Kelly was focused on "Women's Activism" and protecting Hillary Clinton's reputation relishing on how bad Donald Trump was going to lose no matter what destruction Hillary Clinton will bring to the population of the United States. Sure Donald Trump has a mouth but but he has never acted on it and Megyn Kelly constantly downplaying Donald Trump in favor of a Hillary Clinton who clearly is corrupt and far far worse than Donald Trump says Megyn Kelly is the type of person that has been flushing the United States down the toilet instead of solving problems for the population as a whole before turning to the betterment of women's conditions.

Newt Gingrich in this video is stating some positive points about the election that are clear and truthful and each time he does Megyn Kelly refuses to respect the truth and does everything she can to trash Newt Gingrich's experience and revert back to media polls known to be controlled by the democrats that have been clearly proven to be bias against Donald Trump. Megyn Kelly isn't reporting fairly, she is almost a Hilter like dictator that is keeping a positive conversation on Hillary Clinton and off Donald Trump. Megyn Kelly is bias against Donald Trump.

Newt Gingrich describes Fox News as part of the establishment and Megyn Kelly clearly says they are not. Megyn Kelly is a liar! Fox News was built by the establishment and is managed by the establishment. 2/3rds of Fox New's personalities are establishment with conservative personalities on the minority side. There's major conflicts between polling companies and Fox News uses an outside polling company where the results are always in line with democrat polling outlets. The most accurate polling companies are rarely used. The only reason why Fox News isn't reactive to Donald Trump supporters is due to the fact that Donald Trump supporters roughly number at 80 million people and make up most if not all of the Fox News viewers. Fox News prime time shows only get 2 to 3 million viewers per episode but the vast number of Donald Trump supporters do tune in here and there at different hours.

I've been watching Megyn Kelly for some time now and she is more interested in women over the health and welfare of the United States as a whole. Megyn Kelly will clearly mouth the words "Sexual Predator" in reference to Donald Trump but she refuses to call Bill Clinton a sexual predator openly or even to associate Bill Clinton with the words, "Sexual Predator".

Megyn Kelly is clearly a Hillary Clinton supporter and over all the broadcasts she has done she puts very little emphasis on the health and welfare of the constitutional United States republic and takes the emphasis off the democrat party and Hillary Clinton. Megyn Kelly is clearly a threat to to the betterment of capitalism that works towards people finding financial freedom through politicians that will steer wealth away from the rich and back to the public. Megyn Kelly is showing she is only for women no matter how corrupt and anti constitutional the women are.

Newt Gingrich stomped Megyn Kelly out at the end of the video. Megyn Kelly is more interested in the personal domination of herself and her point of view always trying to discard the point of view of her guests and anyone that doesn't ride with her and her high and mighty personality. 
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