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"POLL" Should Donald Trump Toss Hillary Clinton In Jail?

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Should Donald Trump Toss Hillary Clinton In Jail?

Yes - Prison
Yes - Community Service
No - Fine Her
No - She's To Adorable
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"POLL" Should Donald Trump Toss Hillary Clinton In Jail? Empty "POLL" Should Donald Trump Toss Hillary Clinton In Jail?

Post by James Allan on Wed Nov 09, 2016 12:26 pm

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I'm sure Hillary Clinton supporters will say let her go but why should she get away with doing far worse than all the deplorable's that did get locked up for the same thing Hillary Clinton did.

Hillary Clinton isn't anything special to the United States because she never did anything to better the lives of U.S. citizens. Walking around as first lady isn't anything but a token job. Moving to New York and getting anointed into a senate seat in a state that's gooey with democrats and walk in goosestep with each other is an easy journey. Using your husband Bill Clinton's democrat goosestep communists and pressuring Barack Obama to make you secretary of state knowing you are an oaf doesn't mean you are accomplished.

So you Hillary Clinton tried to help children. To bad the children you are trying to help are "NEVER" U.S. citizens and all illegal alien children. Did you try to help women or did you only help women that walked in goosestep with you? I've never heard of any women that you have helped except the looney homosexual women that have joined your, "Code Pink" communist women's group you founded.

My vote for Hillary Clinton? "HILLARY FOR PRISON" is my vote
James Allan
James Allan

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